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Q. How to advertise on
A. Real Estate Agents need to register themselves by simply completing the Registration Form: Click on My Account followed by Sign-Up. Thereafter, you can log-in by your username and password and simply follow instructions provided on dashboard for advertising options. Refer to ‘advertise on’ for further details. In-case of any difficulty, contact our office for support.
Q. How much does it cost to advertise?
A. Advertising at is completely free; you will be provided a number of basic, featured and premium listings along with refresh credits. Call us to enquire further.
Q. How do I place my Company Logo?
A. Click on My Account and then Log-in with your username and password, click on my My Profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and Upload your Company Logo. Make sure that the logo is 100 x 100 pixels.
Q. I cannot find the area of my property in the list provided while Sign-up and Submitting New Property Listing?
A. If you cannot find the area of your property, click others in the area appearing at the bottom of the list, and then put name of the area in the Others Box appearing next to it. Your input area will be reflected and displayed in your listings.
Q. The property images that I have uploaded do not appear while submitting new listings?
A. No need to worry, upon submitting new property – images are automatically uploaded when you select from the file, just click on Submit and they are displayed in the Property Section.
Q. How do I feature or premium my Property Listing?
A. By default, all property listings are submitted as primary ads. To feature or premium any listing, click on My Account followed by Log-In – My Profile – click on My Property – all the listings that you have posted will appear, select the listing that you want to feature or premium, click on Edit, the complete listing will be displayed, scroll down to the section where it says Package Type – you can select then Feature or Premium.
Q. How can I use my Refresh Credits?
A. Refresh Credits can be used (a) to buy additional quota of featured and/or premium listings and (b) can also be used to refresh your current listings.
Q. How can I track the status of My Packages quota?
A. Click on My Account – Log In – My Packages – a complete status of your allowed quota, usage and balance of primary, feature, premium and Refresh Credits will appear.
Q. Can I add / edit / change my registered account manager?
A. You surely can, click on My Profile and you can add new user / change username and password and/or profile details and submit Update.
Q. How to post a listing?
A. Log-in with your username and password, click on My Account followed by My Profile – click on Submit New Property ,complete the form that require property details (city, location, price, size, description, photo / video insertions) and click Submit.
Q. How to manage property listings?
A. You are in complete control of your bundle; you can manage your listings through My Account by upgrading from primary to featured to premium through your allowed quota or refresh credits. At the same time you can also delete your listings once sold.
Q. What are primary, featured and premium listings?
A. Primary listings are the basic listing that appears on the property finder page; Featured listings are ranked and placed on top of primary listings; Premium Listings are the top of the page allowing maximum exposure and visibility. For further details, refer to ‘advertise on’
Q. What are property types?
A. Properties are generally categorized as Homes (House, Flat, Farmhouse, Penthouse and Room), Plots (Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural) or Commercial (Office, Shop, Factory, Building and Warehouse).
Q. What are Agents?
A. Agents are the facilitators / mediators in between the buyers and sellers who brokerage the deal in return of a commission.

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